Father's Day Celebration

Monday, June 10th, 2013

When we talk about Father’s Day, we unknowingly refer to Mother’s Day. A tendency often overpowers us to find out the elements that may trigger sort of conflict and thereby give birth to a kind of debate as to determine which day is more special. By and large everyone is familiar with the term “Mother’s Day”, however, a few if not all are known to the day called Father’s Day. Discarding the debate around the issue, we can better celebrate both days alike. Robert Zacks, a noted writer, once wrote a beautiful short story called “Half a gift”, one of the finest short stories ever written in English. The story revolves round two brothers called Nick and Joe, who are on the cusp of doing something extraordinary to celebrate the mother’s day even combating the odds coming on their way.  Why we will not display such enthusiasm when it comes to celebrate Father’s Day.

Celebrating Fathers Day
It is often presumed that it is our mothers who cast the influence as to build our character while fathers are generally thought to be mere tools to ensure cash flow into the family. However, such notion must be consigned to back burner and as such fathers must be encouraged to extend the helping hand to our mothers. The role of a father as to bring up his kid is as much important as that of a mother. We often consider that man will be tough and devoid of emotion. They will be working hard for long hours and they will absorb all the external pressures and thus will be able to save their family from any invasions. However, we often forget they have a heart; they have emotion. Even they want to hug their child, love them, kiss them and educate them.

Father Day was first inaugurated in the USA in the early 20th century in order to celebrate fatherhood or male paternity. When Anna Jarvis became popular overnight by promoting mother’s day, everyone thought that there must be another modern holiday as to complement the mother’s day. Father’s Day might have been the ideal option to complement the day. There are many other thinkers who perceive the day. However, the credit goes to Sanora Dodd, who is understood to be the driving force behind the establishment of the day.

Dad & Daughter
July 5, 1908 is a historical day as the very special Father’s Day was celebrated in Fairmont, West Virginia in the Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church South, now known as Central United Methodist Church. December 1907 holds a historical significance as on this day the Monongah Mining Tragedy nearby Monongah had claimed more than 361 men including 250 fathers. Around thousand children became fatherless. Grace Golden Clayton was one of such fatherless children who mourned the loss of her father and later on she suggested her pastor called Robert Thomas Webb to make arrangements in the honour of all those fathers. She chose the Sunday closest to the birthday of her father, who used to be Methodist minister Fletcher Golden. 

From then on Father’s Day has been celebrated on the third Sunday of July. However, it is also celebrated on other days. Many countries consider all the father figures as to pay tribute on this day. Since it is not entirely our father who forms the opinion of men, there are other father figures like grandfather, step father, father-in-law and many key male role models who equally contribute to our understanding of male paternity or fatherhood. It would not be unwise to draw some examples in this regard. For instance, Mahatma Gandhi is a renowned fighter who fought the battle against the British. He chose the path of non-violence and therefore led the country folk to the quit India movement, civil disobedience movement to name a few. Quite aptly he is called the ‘Father of Nation’ in India.

We often stigmatize our father as a mere sperm donor and nothing else. There was a time when mother has to take the utmost responsibility to bring up her child. The scenario has changed a lot worldwide. Nowadays, fathers are keen to love their child, play with them, and ingrain philosophy and principles that will help their kids to confront to the challenging situation in life.

Apart from our father, our grandfather plays an important role in our life. In fact in some cases Grandfather pampers their grandchild to an extent and enjoys spending time with them. They love to tell them the story of their childhood, their days of struggle and many such tales.

Dad & Son
Step father also plays an important role in some family set up. Since divorce is an issue that is quite common in present scenario, the dreadful consequence might hamper the mental set up of a child. A genuine father, maybe he has no blood connection, will be able to form a happy go lucky and endearing relation with a child.

So, let us celebrate this special day with pomp and pleasure. Let’s send them the message by celebrating the day that how much we care for them, how much we want them, how much we love them.

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